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The importance of UX/UI in Modern Business

By Adriana Alves on 13/02/23 16:29

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Microsoft and OpenAI – The power of Artificial Intelligence

By Patrícia Lino on 19/01/23 10:37

By Guest Author Patrícia Lino, Partner Technology Strategist @ Microsoft  

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Red Hat Training early access can help you keep pace with evolving technologies

By Pete Hnath on 27/12/22 09:45

By Guest Author: Pete Hanth, Senior Director - Technical Training Product Management @ Red Hat

Topics: red hat
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7 min read

Supercharge Your Data Lakehouse with Apache Iceberg in Cloudera Data Platform

By Cloudera on 05/12/22 09:14

By Guest Authors: Bill Zhang, Director Product Management, Data Warehousing @ Cloudera and Shaun Ahmadian.


We are excited to announce the general availability of Apache Iceberg in Cloudera Data Platform (CDP). Iceberg is a 100% open table format, developed through the Apache Software Foundation, and helps users avoid vendor lock-in. Today’s general availability announcement covers Iceberg running within key data services in the Cloudera Data Platform (CDP)including Cloudera Data Warehousing (CDW), Cloudera Data Engineering (CDE), and Cloudera Machine Learning (CML). These tools empower analysts and data scientists to easily collaborate on the same data, with their choice of tools and analytic engines. There’s zero effort required by companies to get the benefits of Iceberg as part of CDP. No more lock-in, unnecessary data transformations, or data movement across tools and clouds just to extract insights out of the data.

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Google and NIST partner on nanotechnology development platform

By Google Open Source on 21/11/22 11:23

By Guest Authors: Ethan Mahintorabi, Johan Euphrosine and Aaron Cunningham @ Google

We’re proud to announce Google’s cooperative research and development agreement with the U.S. National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) to develop an open source testbed for nanotechnology research and development for American universities. 
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GlobalFoundries joins Google’s open source silicon initiative

By Google Open Source on 11/11/22 11:12

By Guest Authors: Johan Euphrosine and Ethan Mahintorabi @ Google

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How to Use Apache Iceberg in CDP’s Open Lakehouse

By Cloudera on 08/11/22 17:50

By Guest Authors: Bill Zhang, Peter Ableda, Shaun Ahmadian and Manish Maheshwari 

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5 Reasons to Use Apache Iceberg on Cloudera Data Platform (CDP)

By Cloudera on 25/10/22 16:24

By Guest Authors: Shaun Ahmadian and Luiz Carrossoni Neto @ Cloudera

What is Apache Iceberg?

Apache Iceberg is a high-performance, open table format, born-in-the cloud that scales to petabytes independent of the underlying storage layer and the access engine layer.

By being a truly open table format, Apache Iceberg fits well within the vision of the Cloudera Data Platform (CDP). In fact, we recently announced the integration with our cloud ecosystem bringing the benefits of Iceberg to enterprises as they make their journey to the public cloud, and as they adopt more converged architectures like the Lakehouse.

Let’s highlight some of those benefits, and why choosing CDP and Iceberg can future proof your next generation data architecture.  

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Accelerate your models to production with Google Cloud and PyTorch

By Google Open Source on 20/10/22 11:33

By Guest Authors: Erwin Huizing and Grace Reed @ Google

We believe in the power of choice for Machine Learning development, and continue to invest resources to make it easy for ML practitioners to train, deploy, and orchestrate models from a single unified data and AI cloud platform. We’re excited to announce our role as a founding member of the newly formed PyTorch Foundation, which will better position Google Cloud to make meaningful contributions to the PyTorch community. As a member of the board, we will deepen our open source investment to deliver on the Foundation’s mission to drive adoption of AI tooling by building an ecosystem of open source projects with PyTorch. We strongly believe in choice and will continue to invest in frameworks such as JAX and Tensorflow and support integrations with other OSS Projects including Spark, Airflow, XGBoost, and others.

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How analytics better enables online learning, cost management, and cybersecurity in higher education

By Elastic on 11/08/22 14:22

By Guest Author: Jared Pane, @ Elastic

As higher education institutions operate in a changed world, IT leaders in education continue to work through issues that came to the forefront during the pandemic.

Educational technology plays a big role, especially when it comes to equitable access to education. But IT leaders are also focusing on the back end, and leveraging analytics to inform their decision making as they restore, evolve, or transform digital ecosystems for increasingly blended learning environments.

Three areas where analytics from the existing digital ecosystem enable a better student experience are: online learning, cost management, and cyber and information security. Whether IT leaders tackle one or all three, they have the ability to make a lasting impact using the Elastic search and analytics platform.

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