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5 Business Solutions responding to the implications of COVID-19 (Coronavirus)

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21/04/20 09:30

Besides the severe implications on health and healthcare services, COVID-19 (Coronavirus) had a serious impact on business and the general economy. Since the World Health Organization (WHO) declared this pandemic, many companies have been struggling to adapt and assure business continuity. For that matter, we present you 5 solutions that can help you make a seamless transition to remote work in a secure way. 

These solutions aim to ensure team productivity, remote and secure access to information and work environments, and even to make sure your online and e-commerce applications are running smoothly, meeting the usage spikes that we've been witnessing lately.

So, if your organization is facing significant challenges since this pandemic arose, this post is for you!

Here are the solutions that can help you to be successful while working from home:

Office 365 & Teams Productivity

Office 365 & Teams

Telecommuting is also a synonym of productivity if your team has the right tool!

Communication and information sharing are the most important components that contribute to successful telecommuting. Office 365 it's a subscription service based in the cloud that links the best tools to the modern work methodology. Combining the best applications with efficient cloud services, Office 365 allows high productivity and collaboration, at any time, anywhere and in any device. This solution includes installation and setup of Office 365 and allows you to:

  • Use tools like Word, Excel, e Powerpoint online in a collaborative way
  • Access your email remotely 
  • Share and manage content, information and applications
  • Share screen feature in meetings and calls 
  • Share messages and documents through Chat
  • Plan and manage tasks 

Take advantage of the free version of Office 365 E1 Trial for 6 months. 

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Virtual Desktop as a Service Remote and secure access

Virtual Desktop as a Service

Ensure remote and secure access to your desktops while maintaining the full computing power of your infrastructure

Desktop as a Service (DaaS) it's a virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) which is deployed in the cloud, and for that reason it can be accessed from the comfort of your home. This solution is based on Windows Virtual Desktop allows you to:

  • Improve your team's productivity, as they will be able to access any sort of information necessary maintaining the working experience of their usual desktop and requiring only an internet connection;
  • Improve accessibility, as you will be able to access your virtual desktops any time, anywhere and in any device;
  • Increase security, as your applications, virtual desktops and data will be lodged in a centralized location, with strict security policies and enterprise-level of protection.

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Virtual Private Network VPN on Azure Remote and Secure Access to DatacenterVirtual Private Network (VPN) on Azure

Ensure remote and secure access to your datacenter 

Azure's VPN Gateway connects your company's networks to the cloud and allows you to access your virtual desktop with security, ensuring business continuity. This solution ensures:

  • Secure connection from anywhere 
  • High availability and easy to manage 
  • Access to VPN from the comfort of your home
  • Industry Standard Security protocol
  • 99,9% of SLA activity time for VPN gateways

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Security & Availability of On-Premise Infrastructures

Security & Availability of On-Premise Infrastructures

Replicate your quality & development environments on Azure to minimize access to your on-prem infrastructure, ensuring total availability and security. 

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Unavailable Websites and Apps due to heavy traffic?

Unavailable Websites and Apps due to heavy traffic

Avoid website and application downtime and slow response times, by making your online services easily scalable

In order to answer to all your customer's and user's needs, it is crucial to ensure the scalability of your online applications and e-commerce websites.  This solution oversees app component migration to Azure and allows you to:

  • Answer to usability peaks with agility
  • Reduce costs and free up valuable datacenter space
  • Improve user experience 
  • Increase the productivity of your development and operational teams

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These solutions are brought to you by Syone, and for all of them we offer you a complete diagnosis of your infrastructure, data and applications along with the architecture design most suitable to your type of business.

If you need any help, feel free to reach out!

Raquel Carvalho
Written by Raquel Carvalho

With 5+ years of experience, Raquel is a Marketeer with a passion for IT. She has been a Syoner for 2 years and is currently managing the Marketing Department.

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