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4 min read

Overcoming Information Overload: How ezSearch Transforms Your Team’s Productivity

By Ana Morais on 29/05/24 14:00

Struggling to find info at work? Tired of endless document searches? You're not alone. Discover a solution for today's information overload and simplify your life.

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2 min read

AI: The Game-Changer Your Law Firm Can't Afford to Ignore

By Ana Morais on 02/05/24 13:32

You and your teammates have piles and piles of documents, case files, and legal research which may be a gold mine if only you could find something out of them. Does this seem familiar? 

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2 min read

Transform your business with AI-powered search solutions

By Ana Morais on 19/04/24 17:05

Picture a world where work search is effortless - tools understand your needs, and deliver perfect results instantly, transforming search from a chore to a power tool.

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3 min read

How AI and Machine Learning Empower Businesses to be Creative and Triumph

By Vitor Calil Silva on 11/04/24 17:47

Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) are handy tools for businesses to get much-needed insights, innovate, and make informed decisions. By adopting AI and ML, companies can improve processes, enrich their customer journey, and unearth new growth prospects.

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8 min read

Machine Learning: they come in peace!

By Vitor Calil Silva on 20/12/19 14:53

Hello! Before we get to the Machine Learning topic, we need to talk a bit about Artificial Intelligence.


AI is the top layer of this whole process, while Machine Learning is a subset of it, and Deep Learning is a subset of ML (we are going to cover Deep Learning in another blog post soon, don’t worry).

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