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iO – Digital Transformation Team by Team Digitale

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17/12/18 17:57

In order to build the “Operating System” of the country, building simpler and more efficient services for the citizens, the Public Administration and businesses, the Italian Government created Team Gigitale, the country’s Digital Transformation Team. Following this initiative, a project to develop a user-friendly app was born.

Open Source. FREE. User Friendly.

IO is the name of the project created by the Digital Transformation Team, focused on the development of the Italian Government’s application that will allow citizens to use national and local public services from their smartphone in a simple, modern and secure way. It is an Open Source project that allows every user to request and store documents and certificates, accept and make payments, as well as receive communications, messages and reminders.

The users can stay up-to-date on deadlines, adding reminders to their personal calendar, pay bills directly through their phone, have access to all the documents available, and share and request them directly from the app, set their profile preferences like language, contact and alerts with maximum privacy and control of their personal data.

The Public Administrations will be able to send notifications and messages to citizens, complete economic transactions, send and request user documents, and manage general preferences.

The app sets on an open and collaborative development, and developers are welcome to contribute! The app’s components are public, and any service provider can integrate them or suggest improvements.

IO’s test phase is set to start this summer and a preview of the prototype and details of the project are available on

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Hugo Oliveira
Written by Hugo Oliveira

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