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How much does a new B2B customer cost?

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12/11/21 16:50

In an increasingly digital world with so many points of contact for the market, companies find themselves at a crossroads to manage their marketing budgets and have to find the most permeable channels to attract value contacts to be able to transform them into customers (Conversion Rate ).

The latest Salesforce data reveals the Conversion Rate within the business universe and companies that do business with other companies (B2B - Business-to-Business).

Conversion rate within the business univerese

In this table is visible how important it is for companies to have a digital presence, and with good websites. Even so, it is advisable to bet on other channels, considering that contacts via website and that have gone from MQL (Marketing Qualified Lead) to SQL(Sales Qualified Lead) do not reach 1/3 of the totality.

In business between companies, there are also other factors that determine the rate and the conversion speed. For example - a 900USD service is easier to convert, rather than a product or service that costs millions of euros. Obvious.

Given the difficulty of companies predicting lead costs and their calculation for conversion rate in 2022, nothing better than some scientific guidance through a September 2021 study compiled data from HubSpot, Marketing Charts, Matchcraft, Prospect Marketing, Pulse Local Marketing and Survey America.

In the following table are the values and costs of obtaining Leads, typified by industry and the quality of lead, which means the possibility of becoming a customer.
cost of qualified lead

There's a curious fact. Achieving a low-quality contact is relatively inexpensive and at very similar costs in various industries. This means that it is easy to "fatten up" our database of "potential customers" with poorly executed campaigns and communication. On the other hand, achieving a high-quality Lead in the IT sector costs 10 times more.

Now that we've framed our business, we're going to want to know where we should invest our budget. I remind you that these values are for B2B (Business-to-Business).

B2B cost of qualified leads

Good business.

Hugo O. (2021) "Quanto custa um novo cliente B2B?", Imagens de Marca, November 10th 2021, Availabe at

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