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Learn Kubernetes with Google: Videos on how to use the industry’s favorite cloud native technology

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16/08/21 18:19

By Guest Authors María Cruz, Program Manager @ Google Open Source

Kubernetes hasn’t stopped growing since it was released by Google as an open source project back in June 2014: in the period between July 7, 2021 and the same date 2020, there were 2,284 new contributors to the project, according to devstats. And that’s not all: in 2020 alone, the Kubernetes project had 35 stable graduations (source). These are 35 new features that are ready for production use in a Kubernetes environment. Looking at the CNCF Survey 2020, use of Kubernetes has increased to 83%, up from 78% in 2019. With these many new people joining the community, and the project gaining so much complexity: how can we make sure that Kubernetes remains accessible to everyone, including newcomers?

This is the question that inspired the creation of Learn Kubernetes with Google, a content program where we develop resources that explain how to make Kubernetes work best for you. At the Google Open Source Programs Office, we believe that increasing access for everyone starts by democratizing knowledge. This is why we started with a series of short videos that focus on specific Kubernetes topics.

Here’s an example of what you can find in this repository of videos: five episodes that focus on the Kubernetes Gateway API:






Or these two episodes that focus on Parallel Job Patterns:



Find the full playlist in the Google Open Source YouTube channel.

We also believe that learning is best facilitated when people are able to connect. This is why, in October 2021, we are launching a series of quarterly live events where we will feature a panel of Kubernetes experts, starting with the theme Multi-cluster. Participants will be able to ask questions live and make the most of a deep dive on this specific topic. Follow the Community tab on the Google Open Source YouTube channel to learn more details on how to join the first event.

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Google Open Source believes open source solves real-world problems for everyone. Google's Open Source Programs Office supports open source innovation, collaboration, and sustainability through their programs and services.

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